Local Girl making Custom Jewelry in NorthWest Florida, the beautiful Emerald Coast
  • Amazing Keishi Pearl Necklace OR Bracelet

    OMG the luster in these beautiful keishi pearls is amazing, for those of you who don’t know what keishi pearls are I will give you a little pearl lesson.. when oysters, clams, etc are seeded the creature builds a pearl around the seed but extra nacre is floating around freestyle so the creatures make amazing nugget style pieces that are pure nacre, no seeds..so it’s pure luster..
    I bought a huge batch of these larger pearls a few years ago and have been holding them back for special pieces.. so, I have decided it was time to finish some of these just stranded for a simple but very unique 18” necklace with a sterling clasp. OR you can choose a matching bracelet 7.25" with sterling clasp